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The Association

PETAN has been promoting the development of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria through the organization and participation of Nigerian Entrepreneurs in conferences, seminars, workshops, and creating opportunities for Nigerian companies to project themselves in the competitive industry. Since 2005, PETAN has been solely responsible for organizing the Nigerian Pavilion and the exhibition of Nigerian companies at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), which holds in Houston, Texas every year.


Membership is open to all bona-fide Nigerian Companies that are engaged in the Petroleum Industry.


PETAN is the initiator of Local content in Nigeria and have been championing the quest for increased local participation in the Nigerian oil and Gas industry.

PETAN has been giving opportunities to Nigerian companies to showcase themselves in international conferences and exhibitions such as the OTC, GPS, Offshore Europe, NOG, OWA etc.

PETAN, companies and their contractors employ over 20000 Nigerians of which over 60 % are Graduates. This has a beneficial “domino” effect on economy through use of Local-Inputs, growth of local expertise and know-how. (Reduce costs and maintain standards).

PETAN companies are competent Nigerian companies and have proven to be good corporate citizens.

Selected success stories of PETAN companies

  • Directional Drilling-MWD: Drillog Petrodynamics (SNEPCO- Bonga)
  • EPIC, Facilities Engineering: Weltek
  • Drilling : Lonestar Drilling (SPDC)
  • Engineering : Oilserv (SPDC)
  • Fabrication : Dorman Long (Shell)
  • Subsea Downhole Pressure Gauges/SCSSV/ Chemical Injection : OILDATA (ExxonMobil – Erha)
  • Slickline & Testing Services: OILTEST (ExxonMobil – Erha)
  • Survey Services : KASOLUTE (Snepco – Bonga)
  • Completions : Mansfield (Exxon-Mobil – Yoho, Addax, Okwuori)
  • Pigging : BG Technical (Manufacture of pipeline pigs)